Friday, March 9, 2012

Sri Dean

A radio broadcaster, actress and, one of the most faithful poetry readers for many years since the Society was still in North Caulfield 1992!
Sri read in Bahasa Indonesia and Nuim read the translation in English.

NADA AWAL - Subagio Sastrowardoyo
Tugasku hanya menterjemah
gerak daun yg bergantung
di ranting yang letih.
Rahasia membutuhkan kata yang terucap
di puncak sepi.
Ketika daun jatuh tak ada titik darah.
Tapi di ruang kelam ada yang merasa
kehilangan dan mengaduh pedih.

My task is to translate
The movement of the leaves, hanging
on tired branches. Secrets
need words, spoken in silence. When a leave falls,
there is no blood. But in the dark room, someone feels
grief and cries out in pain.

1969. Taken from 'Secrets need words' Indonesian poetry 1966-1998
edited & translated by Harry Aveling.

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